Experience the Passion


“….Soprano had vigor and excitement, and she brought conviction to her role as Baron von Eisenstein’s pretentiously aristocratic wife, later disguised as a svelte Hungarian Countess.”
     The Washington Post

“An accomplished performer…”
     The Richmond Times Dispatch

“Felix Mendelssohn surely would be pleased had he heard his “Duets for Two Sopranos and Piano” sung with such elegance…. Their voices equally beautiful and convincing blended into a lovely musical confection.”
Performance with international Soprano Lucy Shelton
     The Free Lance Star

“…voice is dazzling…”
     The Concord Monitor, NH

“…clear, strong voice sets a standard…..”
     The Mount Vernon Gazette

“Toni has a very unusual voice, wonderfully sized with a lot of brilliant color to it. Those things don’t always go together with a very extensive range, very high and very low. It’s sort of like finding a small, large, fragile, strong dog. You come out with this incredible combination of talents. Toni has this incredible knack, like five year-olds have, they can just slip into being somebody else. She can do that. It’s extraordinary.”
Joan Dornemann, Assistant Conductor of The Metropolitan Opera, as quoted in
     The Free Lance Star

“Tessitura – a bright nosed, goofy stockinged, song-slinging Opera Clown..hits the Right Notes in Clarke.”
     The Winchester Star